Renting Project Space

At our chapter hangar members are permitted to build or restore aircraft in one of 5 available building stations. Each space is approximately 15×30 feet and rents for $75 month. The building area is the southern half of the chapter hangar and is lighted and heated. This area also contains a sealed sanding room with proper ventilation. This spaces are on a first come first served basis and there must be active work on the planes in order to keep the space. Any suspension of work for more than 30 days is subject to loss of the space to someone who is more dedicated to get their project completed. There is no insurance provided by the chapter for your project so be sure to take care of that yourself. The work area is only available to members who rent within it and has a private key lock for entry.

To check on availability call the president Tim LoDolce at 530-386-3100 or send an email to the President Here.