2021 Airshow set for September 11

Posted on December 09, 2020 by

Yesterday at a small and informal airshow meeting we discussed in great detail our July 17th date which we had hoped would work for next year. All of our performers from our cancelled show this year agreed to that date so we were set in that area of the show.

However, with the uncertainty of the new vaccine distributions both the airport staff, directors and the airshow committee were questioning how likely the CDC and Nevada County Health departments will give the go ahead for large group gatherings by that date?

The timelines are constantly changing for the vaccines to be in place. One day most of the population in the country will be vaccinated by late spring. Then we hear them talking about mid summer before we get the all clear. Who really knows?

With that in mind rather than planning and preparing for the airshow in July only to have to move the date into September we decided to move the date now rather than bite our nails hoping that we get the all clear before the July show.

So with that we chose the date of September 11th which is the 2nd Saturday in September. The weather is usually clear and the temperatures/density altitudes will be a bit lower by that time of year which works for everyone.

Please mark your calendars accordingly and hopefully we'll get a grip on the virus sooner rather than later and we can get back to some normalcy with our lives.

Stay safe please,

Tim El Presidente