2024 Airshow Update

We will stay a one day show as that has proven to work for us and the community as a whole. Even with just one day for the performers, vendors and most of the volunteers the behind the scenes worker bees will as usual be hustling about to make our show come off as the best small community airshow in the country.

We got back from the ICAS (International Counsel of Air Shows) on December 7th having lined up our performers. Bob Freeman with Free Man Air Shows will be headlining the show once again. Bob just gets better with each passing year and for 2024 Bob will be taking title of the very first Extra 330SX which is a brand new single seat Unlimited aircraft. It is scheduled for delivery very soon where Bob will pick it up at their Florida dealership.

Next in line we have brought back our beloved performer "Sky Dancer" Anna Serbinenko flying her "Super Decathlon" American Champion 2 seat aerobatic trainer. As many of you already know Anna fled from her home country of Ukraine a number of years ago but has lost several family members in the war with Russia. Thankfully she got many of her close family into Switzerland after the fighting broke out last year. Anna now resides in Vancouver, Canada and is co owner of Canadian Flight Center. Anna will be working hard in both the air and on the ground working with our local kids at the STEM exhibit.

We also will be bringing back the B25 and Japanize Zero from our air show this past June which was a big hit. The B25 has significant historical significance as the only WWII Marine B25 along with a fully restored Zero which was rescued from the South Pacific islands a number of years ago and is a joy to watch in the air.

Also from the Commutative Air Force in SoCal is a Polish built MIG17 and is still a front line fighter jet in many third world countries today. This particular MIG has flown once before in Truckee many years ago by Bill Reesman. It was the highlight of our very first and last night air show which truly wowed the crowd who were in attendance. As I recall cars were pulling off the roads all over Truckee to watch that jet with its 20 foot afterburner flame extending out of the tail. This year it will be flown by it's new owner Jason Somes a lifelong aviator and aerobatic performer.

Vicky Benzing will also be returning but this time she will be flying her P51 which she raced at Reno this past September. It's sporting a brand new restoration and paint job and was a Reno Air Race Unlimited Gold winner when flown by Clay Lacey a number of years ago. I'm sure she will put on another great air show performance here in Truckee this coming June 22nd.

We received written acknowledgement from both the Air Force and the Navy that our show is once again eligible for static displays which have always been welcomed by our community.

Our STEM exhibit for 2024 will also be a wonderful highlight of our show we are hoping that our long time Grand Marshall, Brigadier General Bud Anderson who turns 102 in January 2024 will be returning to our show. Bud has a second home at the lake and loves our community as much as we do.