CA black bear is a new member?

CA black bear is a new member?

We always welcome new members, but maybe not this one.

A couple weeks back a bear broke into the chapter house. Our local bears have learned what refrigerators look like, and one was tempted to go through the door window. I guess he did not know the combination.

bear break in

Anyway he/she went for the fridge, pulled out some sugar-free syrup (it smelled good), but then abandoned the bottle once it was open. Smarter than your average bear.

rooting through condiments

checking fridge

So now the drapes are drawn and door window boarded up.

fix to broken window

Bears seem more active this winter, at least I have seen more bears around my house than in past years (we have been in the area for 25 years). So lock up your cars if outside overnight, bears have also learned how to open an unlocked car door.

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