Truckee Post Airshow Young Eagles

Posted on September 23, 2023 by

We did well yesterday. I know that we had a few minor gaffes and goofs, so if you have feedback, please pass it to me so that I can make an effort to make things better next time.

We registered 64 YEs on Saturday, and flew about 49 of them on Sunday. As we were winding down and even after we stopped, we flew half a dozen more kids, totaling 55.

Here are the numbers:

Ken Aronson 5

Bruce Eisenhard 7

Michael Golden 4

Tom Meadows 8

Garrett Porter 3

Kevin Quinn 6

Bill Sommers 9

Ben Thomson 13

Many thanks for bringing your aircraft out early so that we could get an early start, and many thanks for flying the YEs that we did.

Next up is a STEM mini-rally on 7/27. At this point we have Garrett and me as pilots - we could use another one or two.

Following that the next day is a Mission to Mars mini-rally on 7/28. We're good on pilots as we have Ken, Vince and me, and hopefully Garrett.

Lynn and I shall be gone for the pancake breakfast on 8/11, so Vince will be handling everything. Right now we have Vince as the pilot, so we need two or maybe three more.

Barring weather delays we hope to be here for the Boys & Girls Club mini-rally on 8/17 and the Mission to Mars mini-rally on 8/18. Vince and I will be in contact during the time we're gone.

Thanks again for flying Young Eagles and helping to make aviation shine.