Jessica Cox fly-in

Posted on October 04, 2014 by JackArmstrong

Hi All,

Member Rob Lober has the following announcement about a gal named Jessica Cox who will be coming to the Truckee Airport on May 10th. You might recognize who Jessica is because she’s the girl who has no arms and flies her 1946 Aircoupe with her feet. The details are in his attachment.  We are hoping to have member Maynard Smith come up to park his Aircoupe next to hers (breakfast is free Maynard if you fly up)….:0)  This from Rob:


Attached is a copy of the digital invitation to the breakfast/Jessica Cox speech set for 10am May 5th at the airport.  This is a fundraising event and the suggested donation is $50 which is tax deductible.  They are paying Jessica $5K for making an appearance.  Laurel Lippert has seen her presentation and says it is excellent.  With 200 expected guests, $25 a person covers only the fee and not the breakfast, advertising, etc.  $50 sounds pricey if you are just considering it as a breakfast lecture, but it really is a fundraiser for a very excellent community asset.

Thanks, Rob

[Note: for more information about Jessica, see Rightfooted]